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Exposing Tilak Fernando and his sexual, spiritual, and physical abuse of his students. 

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Tilak Fernando: An Enlightened bodhisattva or Spiritual Con-artist?

A Warlock in Disguise

Tilak S. Fernando, a mystic and self touted"healer" originally from Sri Lanka, is a man of mystery to many and a con-artist abusive cult leader to the rest who know him well. There isn't much online about the abuse he did to people like us and I want this website to be a place where we can leave our testimony either anonymously or boldly. It's time he has to face the pure darkness he has put upon those who trusted him. If you were abused by Tilak and feel it's time to share your story so others don't get hurt please reach out and share your testimony below. You can disclose your name or use an anonymous name. The abuse ranges from spiritual/demonic, psychological abuse, medical abuse, and sexual abuse. His sins run deep. 

If you have a personal testimony of abuse from the spiritual conartist Tilak Fernando please submit your testimony for submission on our website. 

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