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The Full Story

Tilak abused me as a young woman in very deceptive, calculated, and manipulating ways. I came to him for healing and all I got in the end pure darkness. I "worked" with Tilak as his student intensely for 5 years, but considered him my mentor for almost 17 years. The story goes long and deep. I plan to use this website to share my story in time and also to highlight the fact that Tilak Fernando is not an enlightened man at all but is a warlock who uses people in vampiric ways for his satanic energy force he uses that he calls "the light". 

I'm willing to post youtube testimonies, written testimonies, and photo evidence of anything you want to share to show the world who this man really is. Just contact me on the form on the homepage. He must be stopped at all costs. He is a spiritual, sexual, and evil predator masked as a bodhisattva. 

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